Simple to use one page business plan template

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The most concise business plan you’ll ever need to visualize your success and motivate your progress everyday.

3 Steps to success


Complete this one page business plan. This template is designed to highlight the most critical aspects of your business. Along with the instructions below, reach to our team with any questions.


You can’t manage what you don’t measure. The key to a successful plan is establishing realistic measurable goals for each step of your business strategy. Set your target and measure each goal on a monthly basis.


Visualize this plan everyday. Hang a printed copy at your workstation or keep a copy in your notebook. Wake up every morning, read your plan, and then close your eyes to see your future success.

How to create your one page business plan


Once you receive the one page business plan template in your email, use the sections below on this webpage to generate your high level plan.

While this plan documents the broad vision of your business, the specifics are vital. Thinking through the details can bog you down. Don’t worry. It’s all part of the process.

If after you request the template, and you get writer’s block or have questions, contact us to schedule a free 30 minute consult call.

Fill In The Grey Boxes

Working from the PDF, you can use each grey box to input your plan. Each is sized to keep your plan concise. Suggested word counts are included below. Remember the goal with this exercise is to document your business plan to quickly reference daily and keep you on track.

Important note


Writing a business plan is not a linear process. Don’t write each section with the mindset of perfection. If you do, the planning process will be:

  • frustrating;
  • cumbersome; and
  • incomplete.

Your plan must sync up. Each aspect should reflect knowledge from another. Limit yourself to a certain number of minutes for each section. Move on. Then go back. Working through other sections will bring ideas and revelations to the section you are working on.

Break up your planning/writing time into small chunks and iterate back through all sections to ensure the whole plan is speaks to the same vision.



The most concise business plan you’ll ever need to visualize your success and motivate your progress everyday.

Value proposition

Your value proposition comes in the form of what problem you are trying to solve for your customer. The customer is either trying to perform a job (how they get task done), change their self capital (how they feel about themselves), or change their social capital (how others see them).

What problem are you solving?

How important is that solution to your customer?

How good are you at solving this problem?

Make sure the importance from the customer and your ability to solve problem are aligned. The best alignment of these two things will build the strongest relationship for a sustainable business.

Think About This…


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